Wildest Dreams

Extraordinary photography by


Tatiana McMillian

Wildest Dreams

What is more wonderful than imagination? Without it we wouldn’t have art, music, stories. Life would be dull….

I had forgotten about imagination for a little while until I had my children, who reminded me of this magnificent treasure. I want to help bring your imagination to reality in my photographs. Regular pictures may say a thousand words but these will leave one speechless.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul so it would make sense that what we see effects our soul. I have always felt everything I see very deeply. Tears of joy or of sadness, the beauty of a child holding their fathers hand, the colors and wonder nature has to offer; i felt a strong need to photograph all of these moments. 

Whether it’s as simple as a Sunday morning, family breakfast or as meaningful as your newborn’s first photos, whatever your moment is we will capture it together.

  • Tatiana was great! Not only did the photos turn out beautiful, she was a pleasure to work with and a true professional.


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